For a select few, we offer:


Silver foil monogram at the time of manufacturing – which means your name becomes part of each carbon fiber panel before it’s clear coated and made as permanent as the case itself.


A wooden gift box, laser etched with your name, made with all the love and attention befitting their rarity.


Hand assembled and customized to your device’s exact specifications. Which means you can pick the exact right height, down to the mm.


Limited edition custom machined T8 screws and stainless steel SXY Tool Hex Bit Driver.


A chance to pick your personal number between 1 and 100, if it’s still available. To order your Limited Edition Valeo 15 Case, click the link below.

Customize your Limited Edition Valeo

These are truly a limited edition number of units being personally monogramed and custom produced. If you want to own a unique and one-of-a-kind piece of craftsmanship, order now.

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