The last laptop case you'll ever need.

For anyone with a laptop or tablet who wants the strongest possible protective case in a modular and customizable solution, the Valeo Case is the only product on the market able to adjust to almost any device size.

We're live and shipping. No Kickstarter, this is real.

"Running a startup is a 24/7 affair, and it became clear to me, that I couldn’t afford to have my MacBook Pro damaged. Valeo was born out of this need – because there wasn’t a single laptop sleeve or case that really worked."

The Strongest Laptop Case in the World.

We believe you can have it all.

Military-grade strength

World-class style


Top-tier materials

Life-time warranty

Custom fit, built to order

Valeo is all of these things.

We’ve tested it in the harshest ways we could imagine to prove it.

Quality, above all else.

No expense spared – not a single corner cut.


We use some of the highest grade carbon fiber in the world. In fact, the company that produces our CF parts (Airtificial) also builds the HyperLoop.


There is a very good chance your laptop, phone or tablet computer is filled with Poron XRD which is used by the best companies to protect your devices. So why would we use anything else?


We're not Ikea, so you won't see any throwaway Allen wrenches here. Instead we designed one of the world's best Hex Bit tools. Every Valeo owner gets one.


There are a lot of ways we could have saved costs on hardware, but that's not in our DNA. These screws are hardened anodized steel.

Custom, Everything.

We searched all over the world for the perfect hardware. It didn’t exist. So we designed it and built it ourselves. Our custom fasteners are designed to fade away from sight and touch while always securing the entire case.

Even, a custom tool.

When deciding on what tool to include with every Valeo Case, we ultimately decided to design our own. So every case comes with one of the worlds smallest Hex Bit driver and Torx 8 bit.

Valeo fits over 600+ unique laptops and tablets ranging between 9" to 16"

The Valeo 16 laptop case is fully adjustable by height, width and depth. Our Patent Pending adjustable X’s allow you to move 15 bumpers to perfectly cradle almost any laptop or tablet device in size from 9″ to over 16″ diagonally. Valeo’s hardware can be moved out to the edges of the case to fit devices up to 14.75″ (37.5 cm) WIDE by 9.86″ (25 cm) DEEP by 2.5″ (6.35 cm) TALL by 17.2″ (44cm) DIAGONALLY. You can also order your Valeo Case with spacers and bumpers up to 3″ tall which will fit laptops up to ~2.5″ in height.


  • 2.5 inches (6.35 cm)
  • 14.75 inches (37.5 cm)
  • 9.86 inches (25 cm)


  • Up to 3 inches (7.6 cm)
  • 15 3/8 inches (39.0 cm)
  • 11 5/16 inches (28.8 cm)

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After two years in development, Valeo has launched. We have a few Limited Edition Valeo Cases still available. Don’t miss this chance to get your case personally monogramed.

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